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Finally, a real corps membership database.
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Featured Historical Contest 2007 Drums in the Square Central Square NY
Featured Corps for Thursday April 27, 2017:
Dutch Boy Kitchener, Ontario
Inactive Junior Corps founded in 1969 Did you march Dutch Boy?
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Other names: Dutch Boy Cadets
1985 Repertoire

Position: 32
Score: 67.2

Jaws by Williams, John Amazon   on Jaws - Movie Soundtrack - Uni/Mca; ASIN: B000002NZU
Main Theme (from the film, Superman) by Williams, John on Superman Soundtrack
Can You Read My Mind (love theme from the film, Superman) by Williams, John on Superman Soundtrack
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on Friday April 28
Decorah Kilties
on Saturday April 29
Albion Grenadiers
on Sunday April 30

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The Lorin Solo
A novel by Chuck Edwards - A bittersweet love story that develops under the coverlet of the Concord Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps competitive year 1986 and continues to this day in a unique and sentimental way.
Not for the Faint of Heart
The book about Vanguard everybody's talking about! - Any person who has accomplished a dream knows that there is a price to pay to attain that goal. Sometimes getting there is not what you thought it might be. Sometimes you emerge on the other side as a completely different person.
Green Machine Book
Building the Green Machine is the biography of corps founder Don Warren and a comprehensive history of the Cavaliers.

What are people saying about
I just wanted to tell you this site is great. My dad has so many drum corps tapes and we always have to guess what corps played what show every year. I also think it's great that you can see who played a particular song or suite. For example, I looked up Henry V, and found out who played in what year. I love it!!

This site was created by Chris Maher, who marched with the Westchester (NY) Horizons in the early 70s.

Senior corps information was compiled and is maintained by Ron Allard who marched with Utica Executives Senior Corps, Utica Royaleers Junior Corps and St. Joes of Batavia.

Historical corps pictures are maintained by Wayne Duesterbeck, who marched from the late 50s through the 60s with Eau Claire Scouts, Eau Claire Boys, Blue Stars and Minnesota Brass, Inc

Current scores are maintained by Chris Green. Chris has taught, consulted, and performed with various DCI, DCA and DCUK organizations as well as helping to found several organizations. He is currently the Corps Director for Forte.

Historical scores are maintained by Michael Cahill. Michael marched in the Drum Line with the Pittsfield, Mass. Monarchs from 1961 to 1966. He married the Monarchs Color Guard Captain in 1969. contains an extensive drum corps history database, consisting of scores, repertoires, written histories, pictures and member listings. The information contained on the site is continually updated. If you have information to contribute, please contact us. We are always grateful for more information.
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